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Preparing for Law School

Admitted students commonly ask us how to best prepare for the first year of law school. Law school will be different from any academic endeavor you have faced, and the best way to be successful is to come into the fall semester with an understanding of what to expect. There are several fine books on the market, and we have included a list of some recommended titles below. These readings are optional, but past incoming students have found that reading one or two of the books was helpful. List of books recommended by the UH Law faculty for optional summer reading.

Law Preview

Law Preview is a 6-day program that provides an overview of law school for entering law students.  It will be held at the UH Law Center, July 20th – July 25th. Please note, enrollment in Law Preview is completely optional. We are making you aware of it because students regularly ask about programs like this one, and students who have enrolled in this program in the past have found it helpful in making the transition to law school. For more information about Law Preview, please click here. Scholarships are available for Law Preview through Thompson & Knight.

Law Preview Scholarships Sponsored by Thompson & Knight 
Law Preview (the nation's largest law school prep course) has teamed up with Thompson & Knight, one of the world's most prestigious law firms, to provide Law Preview Scholarships to fifteen (15) members of our entering class. Thompson & Knight has generously agreed to help entering students prepare for the unique challenges they will face during their 1L year at UHLC by paying the cost of tuition for a law school prep course.  Visit the following URL to see if you meet the scholarship criteria:

Law Preview’s “One Lawyer Can Change the World” $10k Scholarship
Do you think one lawyer can change the world?  BARBRI Law Preview does.  They will be awarding one hard-working incoming law student $10,000 towards their 1L year.  The application deadline is April 15th and you can review scholarship details here:

Council on Legal Education Opportunity, Inc.

The Council on Legal Education Opportunity (CLEO) has helped more than 10,000 students join the legal profession. CLEO's pre-law programs provide low-income and diverse students with a rigorous preview of the requirements for a successful law school experience and unparalleled networking opportunities. CLEO is hosting a 1L Prep - Attitude Is Essential. For more information please visit –

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