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Student Ambassadors

The Student Ambassadors represent and advocate for the J.D. program by sharing their stories and experiences about the Law Center.  They participate in recruiting events where they educate and excite prospective students about what the Law Center has to offer and what it can do to enrich their educational background and employment marketability.  Ambassadors play a critical role in the recruitment of each exceptional entering class for the University of Houston Law Center!

If you are interested in becoming a Student Ambassador please contact Liz Clearman, Associate Director of Admissions, at

Meet the 2017-2018 Ambassadors

Kevin  Madden

Kevin Madden

Fizza  Raza

Fizza Raza

Kathryn  Laflin

Kathryn Laflin

Cal  Mundell

Cal Mundell

Kevin Madden

Program: Full-time
Concentration/area of study: Criminal law and public interest
Work Experience: Current legal intern at Fort Bend County District Attorney's Office, Academic Specialist, College of Criminal Justice at Sam Houston State University, Correctional Officer, Texas Department of Criminal Justice
Undergraduate university and degree: Sam Houston State University, B.A. in Criminal Justice
Memberships and organizations: Student Bar Association, Hispanic Law Student Association, Criminal Law Association, National Eagle Scout Association
Why did you choose UH Law and/or Houston? I was initially drawn to UHLC because of its commitment to public interest and availability of resources for students interested in civil service. While many factors influenced my decision on where to attend law school, my selection of UH Law was heavily influenced by my experience during Admitted Students' Day. When I visited the Law Center, I met faculty, staff, and students who were welcoming, personable, and sincerely interested in my career goals. That an institution of UH's size and prestige is able to cultivate such a close environment was very important to me and elevated UHLC over the other institutions I was considering.

Fizza Raza Email:
Program: Full-time
Concentration/area of study: n/a
Work Experience: Internship with a lawyer after undergrad.  This summer I will have one internship in a law firm and one judicial internship in a civil court.
Undergraduate university and degree: University of Houston, B.A. in Political Science and Liberal Studies
Memberships and organizations: Advocates, Houston Young Lawyers Association, Association for Women in Law  
Why did you choose UH Law and/or Houston? I loved the environment here! 

Kathryn Laflin

Program: Full-time (admitted as a part-time student but switched programs)
Concentration/area of study: Litigation
Work Experience: Intern at the African Law Center, intern at Fortson Frazer & Siegrist P.C.
Undergraduate university and degree: Mary Baldwin College, B.A. in International Relations and Political Science
Memberships and organizations: Student Ambassadors, External Vice President of the Student Bar Association, Vice President of Outreach for Christian Legal Society, Entrepreneurship and Community Development clinic, Civil Procedure TA
Why did you choose UH Law and/or Houston? I chose UHLC because of the clinics, journals, and the fast-growing legal market in Houston.  After touring many schools and talking to students, I felt like I belonged at UHLC, and I'm so glad I made that decision.

Cal Mundell

Program: Full-time
Concentration/area of study: Criminal defense/civil litigation
Work Experience: Internship for Judge Perez in the 41st District Court; externship with Judge Cardone in the United States District Court for the Western District of Texas; clerkship at Mounce, Green, Myers, Safi, Paxson, and Galatzan
Undergraduate university and degree: Texas Tech University, B.A. in Multidisciplinary Studies (Biology, Business Administration, Liberal Arts)
Memberships and organizations: Student Ambassadors, Interscholastic Mock Trial Team, Advocates for Life, Criminal Law Society, and The Advocates
Why did you choose UH Law and/or Houston? It is simply the best!