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2018 Entering Class Profile

Applications 2654
Class Size 205
Median LSAT 160
Median GPA 3.61
Asian/ Pacific Islander 15%
Black/ African-American 5.9%
Hispanic 23.4%
Native American 2%
Female 52.7%
Non-resident 13.7%
Previous graduate degree 11.2%
Average Age 25

Please note, this information represents class statistics as of August 20, 2018

*First-year students are divided into four sections–three full-time sections and one part-time section. Students from the 2018 incoming class represented more than 75 undergraduate schools. The top feeder schools were:
1. University of Texas-Austin
2. University of Houston
3. Texas A&M University   
4. Rice University
5. Texas State University

There were more than 50 different majors represented. The top majors were:
1. Political Science
2. English
3. Psychology
4. Finance
5. Economics

Incoming students speak at least 22 different languages. Twenty-four students have already earned at least one graduate degree.

The Bar Exam
Law Center graduates have consistently outperformed the overall bar passage rate of first-time test-takers from all Texas law schools. The July 2018 bar pass rate for UHLC graduates was 81.68%.