Fly me to the moon

Robert Sergesketter '95 & Denise Castillo-Rhodes, Gala Chairs


The Post Oak Hotel, Houston

Join us for a rocket ride to the swinging '60s, when man walked on the moon and Frank Sinatra was in his heyday.


2019 Gala Host Committee

Robert J. Sergesketter & Denise Castillo-Rhodes
2019 Gala Chairs

Host Committee

Sofia Adrogué-Gustafson ˑ Brad Aiken ˑ Alice Brown ˑ Derek Anchondo ˑ Erin E. Bennett ˑ Susan L. Bickley ˑ Kate Blaine ˑ Elaine Block ˑ Brian Boyle ˑ Denis Braham ˑ Amy Brimmage ˑ Marty Brimmage ˑ The Honorable Jeff Brown ˑ Margaret Bryant ˑ Emily Buchanan ˑ Tony Buzbee ˑ Marie L. Carlisle ˑ Troy Chandler ˑ Christin Chandler  ˑ Janna Charlton Webber ˑ Bruce A. Coane ˑ Scott Cowan ˑ Jessica Crutcher ˑ Douglas D. D'Arche ˑ LaDelle "DeDe" Davenport ˑ Crystal Del Toro ˑ Jeff Dodd ˑ Tim Donahughe ˑ Randy J. Duncan ˑ Scott Ellis ˑ Courtney Walsh Ervin ˑ Clayton Forswall ˑ Charles Foster ˑ Laura Gibson ˑ Luke Gilman ˑ  Alissa Gipson ˑ Edward Goolsby ˑ Michelle Gray ˑ  Warren Harris ˑ Tom Hetherington ˑ Yvonne Ho ˑ Matt Hoffman ˑ Patrick Hughes ˑ Bill Jackson ˑ Kristen Jesulaitis ˑ David Jesulaitis ˑ Kevin Johnson ˑ Blaire Bruns Johnson ˑ David Jones ˑ Jacob Karam ˑ Tom Kirkendall ˑ Judy Lee ˑ Cynthia Mabry ˑ Nathaniel Martinez ˑ Lee Mayfield, JD CFP ˑ Bill Maynard ˑ Marie McGowan ˑ Chad E. Mills ˑ Derrick M. Mitchell ˑ Paul Moak ˑ Mindy Moak ˑ Janna Mouret ˑ Stephany Olsen-LeGrand ˑ Steven Otillar ˑ Greer Pagan ˑ Jim Perdue, Jr ˑ Kevin Peter ˑ Michele Pilibosian ˑ Lawrence Pirtle ˑ Ricky Raven ˑ Felicia Raven ˑ  James Roach ˑ Carol Roach ˑ Alex Roberts ˑ The Honorable Reece Rondon ˑ David Rusk ˑ The Honorable Ravi K. Sandill
Kelly Sandill  ˑ Robert Schick ˑ Eric Schlichter ˑ Richard Schwartz ˑ Erin Smith ˑ Tom Stilwell ˑ Sam Stubbs ˑ Melinda Stubbs ˑ Steve Susman ˑ Sabra Thomas ˑ Kris Thomas ˑ Neil Thomas ˑ Laura Trenaman ˑ Brad Tucker ˑ Juan F. Vasquez, Jr. ˑ Richard Whiteley ˑ Joshua Wolfshohl ˑ Willie Wood ˑ Victor Wright ˑ David Young ˑ The Honorable Alvin L. Zimmerman



Christin and Troy Chandler ('98) were the high bidders for the Tequila Tasting Dinner that was featured at the 2018 UH Law Gala Live Auction.  Denise Rhodes and Bob Sergesketter ('95) donated the event and hosted it in their home on May 12th.  Numerous friends, family members, and law school classmates of the Chandlers attended, and Texas Supreme Court Justice Jeff Brown ('95) and his wife, Susannah, were the featured guests of honor.  Bob paired numerous top-shelf Tequilas, a very rare Mezcal, and a Sotol with the extraordinary meal prepared by Houston-based caterer, CULINAIRE. 

Denise and Bob will be the chairs for the 2019 Law Gala and have pledged another in-home dinner for the live auction.  While the theme for that dinner has not yet been announced, rumor has it that it will feature some of the country's best and rarest whiskies.  Mark your calendars for March 30, 2019!


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