President's Note - University of Houston Law Alumni Association
August 2009

Warren W. Harris ’88

Leslie Kiefer Amann ’87
Susan L. Bickley ’84
The Honorable Jeff Brown ’95
Damon Chargois ’94
Sean Gorman ’88
James Grace ’92
Tom Hetherington ’98
William “Bill” Jackson ’92
Michael A. Lee ’90
Elaine McAnelly ’82
Ann Ryan Robertson ’77 LL.M ’05
Susan Sample LL.M. ’96 
Susan Sanchez ’87
Susan Stanton ’92 
Richard Wilson ’84

Ex Officio
Jim M. Perdue, Jr. ’93

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Warren HarrisWelcome to the New Year! I am Warren Harris, the incoming president of the University of Houston Law Alumni Association, and I make one abiding promise about the next two years: I will work diligently to continue building our Law Alumni Association into a powerful group of supporters who value the excellence of our alma mater.

We had a large contingent of alumni join us in downtown Houston for our annual meeting, and thanks to all of you who were able to attend. We collectively thanked our outgoing president Jim Perdue, Jr. for his outstanding contributions, and he willingly (but perhaps a bit reluctantly?) passed the torch to me and our new directors: Leslie K. Amann, Susan L. Bickley, Justice Jeff Brown, Sean Gorman, Tom Hetherington, Bill Jackson, Elaine McAnelly, and Susan B. Sanchez.

Every one of our directors shares a common heritage of “involvement in the Law Center.” These men and women are the mainstays who plan our events, volunteer for special assignments, and make room on their calendars to attend everything from our Annual Law Gala to Dean Nimmer’s Holiday Coffee.

I am adopting one word – “INVOLVEMENT” – as the theme for my administration. We have an ambitious slate of new projects, events and initiatives, and I promise there will be plenty of opportunities for Law Center alumni to get active and get involved. Working together, I believe we can elevate the UH Law Alumni Association to new heights as we collectively work to support the excellence of our school.

I will send these President’s Notes every month, and I am looking forward to putting lots of things into motion. Especially YOU !


Warren W. Harris
Bracewell & Giuliani LLP