President's Note - University of Houston Law Alumni Association
January 2010

Warren W. Harris ’88

Leslie Kiefer Amann ’87
Susan L. Bickley ’84
The Honorable Jeff Brown ’95
Damon Chargois ’94
Sean Gorman ’88
James Grace ’92
Tom Hetherington ’98
William “Bill” Jackson ’92
Michael A. Lee ’90
Elaine McAnelly ’82
Ann Ryan Robertson ’77 LL.M ’05
Susan Sample LL.M. ’96 
Susan Sanchez ’87
Susan Stanton ’92 
Richard Wilson ’84

Ex Officio
Jim M. Perdue, Jr. ’93

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Warren HarrisHere’s hoping the momentum we generated in 2009 with our alumni tailgaters, receptions, events and fundraising carries over into the New Year.  A transformation is clearly under way at the Law Center, and our alumni are playing an all-important role in this success.

Truthfully, our involvement has never been more critical.  I will spare you the details of the Law Center’s budget realities (dwindling state support, the economy’s impact on endowments, increased expenses, etc.).  Suffice it to say that Dean Ray Nimmer is making the most of extremely limited resources – and his efforts to improve our school deserve stronger support from our alumni. By increasing our annual giving, we can supply the Law Center with a stable and dependable source of much-needed unrestricted income to support Dean Nimmer’s seven primary initiatives.

Late last year, I asked Charles W. Matthews ’70 to chair a new donor group – the Dean’s Society – reserved for the top supporters of the Law Center.  In short order, Charles forged a success story that has already generated more than $200,000.

Is that the end of the story? Hardly not – because I think the success story is just beginning. As I write this, more than 60 of our classmates have joined the Dean’s Society – representing half of our goal for this fiscal year. But we have 11,000+ alumni, and I think a large number of them have reached a point in their careers where a $2,500 annual contribution to the Law Center makes sense. In short, we need more Dean’s Society members and more donors at every level.  We need you.

Please take a minute to review the current membership roster of the Dean’s Society. There are categories reserved for every level of giving, including the Leadership Council (annual gifts of $10,000+); Scholars Council ($5,000+); and the Fellows Council ($2,500+).

Next, ask yourself a simple question: are you ready to join the list of most generous Law Center alumni?

If the answer is “yes,” then I congratulate you for helping to make the Law Center a better place for a new generation of lawyers, and for increasing the value of every Law Center diploma. To join the Dean’s Society, you can send an email to Leah Gross, the director of annual giving and alumni relations at the Law Center, at Or just call her at 713/743-2203. A minimum annual contribution of $2,500 will launch you into the front ranks of Law Center alumni.

If the Dean’s Society represents too large of an investment for you at this stage of your career, that’s OK – there are lots of other ways to support your school.  You can make a gift of any size to the Law Center’s Annual Fund, or you can volunteer to serve in the class captains program we are launching later this year.  Pick a path that makes sense for you, but the main thing is to get involved!

Together, we can make things happen in 2010.


Warren W. Harris '88
Bracewell & Giuliani LLP