President's Note - University of Houston Law Alumni Association
September 2010

Warren W. Harris '88

William J. Jackson '92

Vice President
Tom Hetherington '98

The Hon. Jeff V. Brown '95

Directors (2010-12)
Damon Chargois '94
Laura Gibson '85
James Grace '92
Susan Sample LL.M. '96
Kris Thomas '83

Directors (2009-11)
Susan L. Bickley '84
Sean Gorman '88
Elaine McAnelly '82
Susan Sanchez '87

Ex Officio
Jim M. Perdue, Jr. '93

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Warren HarrisLabor Day already? The summer obviously whirled by, and I hope you were able to enjoy some time off with friends and family. As we gear up for fall, your UH Law Alumni Association will be powered by the new slate of officers and directors who were elected at our annual meeting – and their names and class years are included here in the left column.

Here’s a fast update of things you need to know:

  • Our Alumni Calendar is brimming with events in Houston and other cities that will provide lots of great opportunities to connect with friends and classmates. Thanks to the hard work of our Reunion Committee headed by Kris Thomas ’83 and Elaine McAnelly ’82, the coming weeks and months will see a record-breaking number of reunions for class years ending with a five or a zero. If you match these lucky numbers, please mark your reunion date in red and plan to attend a fun and rewarding gathering.

  • Football season is upon us – and our Fourth Annual UH Law Alumni Tailgate is set for Saturday, Oct. 9, when the University of Houston goes against Mississippi State. Here is fair warning: this event will sell out! If you want to be a part of one of the best outings of the year, click here to reserve your tickets.

  • Our accountants are still adding things up, but it’s clear that a larger number of UH Law Alumni are answering the call to support our school during challenging financial times. Our Law Fund continues to collect gifts of every size, including the $2,500 annual commitments from new Dean’s Society members. I want to single out Charles Matthews ’70 for stepping up to help launch this core group of key donors. Thanks to his early and enthusiastic support, the Dean’s Society got off to a great start and continues to grow.

  • Two final volunteers deserve mention. Tom Hetherington ’98 marshaled a great year of our Law Firm/Corporate 100% Challenge, with a total of 15 firms hitting the magic mark of 100% participation among their Law Center alumni. And Susan Bickley ’84 has thrown herself behind our Class Captains initiative, with impressive results to follow.

We’re off and running on what should be another great year for the UH Law Alumni Association and the University of Houston Law Center. I’ll close with two words: Get Involved!


Warren W. Harris '88
Bracewell & Giuliani LLP