BAI Faculty

BAI People

Jim Lawrence

Director, Blakely Advocacy Institute

Amy Hawk

Associate Director, Blakely Advocacy Institute

Nicole Dellario

Program Manager, Blakely Advocacy Institute


BAI Faculty - 2017-2018

Baldassano, Steven (Trial Advocacy)

Bland, Justice Jane (Appellate Advocacy)

Booth, Rainey (The Art of Advocacy)

Boyce, Justice William (Appellate Advocacy)

Brown, Justice Harvey (Trial Advocacy for Non-Litigators)

Brown, Judge Susan (Trial Advocacy)

Buckley, John (Pretrial Litigation)

Carpenter, Ben (Trial Advocacy)

Carson, Derrick (International Arbitration Advocacy)

Carter, Daragh (Trial Advocacy)

Cunningham, David (Trial Advocacy)

Davis, Daniel W. (Appellate Advocacy)

Daw III, Willie Ben (Depositions, Trial Advocacy)

Dib, Daniel (Client Interviewing & Counseling)

Edison, Andrew (Trial Advocacy)

Epley, Erin (Trial Advocacy)

Foley, Zandra (Trial Advocacy)

Foster, John-Thomas (Applied Advocacy)

Goranson, Mark (Pretrial Litigation)

Gray, Julie D. (Mock Trial Team Coach)

Griffin, Mike (Trial Advocacy)

Harrell, David (International Arbitration Advocacy)

Hawk, Amy (Pretrial Litigation)

Hedges, Kevin (Advanced Negotiation)

Hill, Judge Belinda (Trial Advocacy)

Houlette, Jacqueline "Jackie" M. (Director, Interscholastic Mock Trial Team)

Hughes, Robert (Legal Negotiation)

Kasprzak, Daniel (Trial Advocacy)

Lawrence, Jim (Advocacy Survey, Advanced Negotiation)

Leissner, Tracy (Legal Negotiation)

Littlepage, Zoe (The Art of Advocacy)

Lukin, Karen (Trial Advocacy for Non-Litigators)

Matthews, Bill (Trial Advocacy for Non-Litigators)

Mihaly, Roni (Pretrial Litigation)

Morfey, Michael (Depositions)

Newton, John (Appellate Advocacy)

Odensky, Angela (Applied Advocacy)

Pate, Stephen (Trial Advocacy)

Perdue Sr., Jim (Storytelling)

Phillips, Kenneth R. (Trial Advocacy)

Ray, Jimmy (Trial Advocacy)

Roach, Jr., Robert "Randy" M. (Appellate Advocacy)

Robertson, Ann Ryan (International Arbitration Advocacy)

Rushing, Janet (Pretrial Litigation)

Sandill, Judge R. K. (Trial Advocacy)

Strahan, April (Trial Advocacy)

Velasquez, Judge Vanessa (Trial Advocacy)

Weinmann, Beth (Trial Advocacy for Non-Litigators)

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