Interscholastic Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

2015-2016 ADR Team

Members of the ADR Team learn the techniques and methods of negotiating, mediation and other forms of dispute resolution and then apply these essential advocacy skills in national and international ADR competitions.


Interscholastic Competitions and Teams

St. John's Securities Dispute Resolution Triathlon

Team: James Hu, Charles McFarling, Crystal Walsh


ABA Negotiation Competition

Team: Rose Badrudain, Julia Peebles
Team: Mary Deal, Garrett Patterson


ABA Client Counseling Competiton



International Commercial Mediation Competition (ICC)

Team: Fabiana Baum, Sebastian Ornstein



Energy Law Negotiation-South Texas Competition


ABA Representation In Mediation



National Transactional LawMeet Competition

Team: Morgan Anthony, Ian Brown