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Interscholastic Moot Court

2015-2016 Moot Court Team

The Moot Court Team competes every year in a dozen or more national & international competitions covering a variety of legal subjects. Team members hone their appellate advocacy skills by analyzing and arguing both sides of a legal issue before a panel of judges.






2015-2016 Moot Court Board

(right to left) J. T. Reinart (Competitions Chair), Catherine Figueiras (Public Relations Chair), Josh Christopher (MCNC Chair), Emily Mott (Team Development Chair), Elbert Ortiz (Executive Chair), Elizabeth Henrikson (Executive Vice-Chair)


Fall 2015 Syllabus


Interscholastic Competitions and Teams


ABA National Appellate Advocacy Competition


Team: Josh Christopher, Stacy Fisher, Brandon Kuhre
Regional Champions

Team: Gabriella Hall, Jeannie Nguyen, Mike Takla
Regional Semi-Finalist


CUA Immigration Law Moot Court Competition


Team: Mackenzie Dunham, Sydney Nguyen, Jennifer Scott


Team: David Lopez, Melissa MacNeil, Lance Morgan
National Champions


Giles Rich IP Moot Court Competition


Team: Tim Busse, Kyle Miiller

Regional Champions


Team: Curtis Reynolds, Tera Stone

Best Brief: Petitioner (Regional)


John R. Brown Admiralty Law Moot Court Competition


Team: Nick Brown, Leah Buenik, Mikhail Paletyvich



Team: Alisha Alibai, Caleb Dunson, Chris Rundkvist


L. Edward Bryant, Jr. National Health Law Transactional Moot Court Competition


Team: Kyle Seabolt, Amanda Theinpont, Amy Westergren


2nd Best Memornadum


Team: Stefan Casso, Jack Frazee, Jeannie Nguyen

Best Oral Presentation


National Moot Court Competition


Team: Elizabeth Henrikson, Josh Redelman, Andrea Richter


Pace Environmental Law Moot Court Competition


Team: Catherine Figueiras, Elbert Ortiz, Kelsey Trom


Rendigs Product Liability Moot Court Competition


Team: Garrett Patterson, Lisa Virgen
Best Brief: Petitioner


San Diego Criminal Procedure Competition


Team: Bayoji Akingbola, Jennifer Scott

5th Best Speaker - Bayoji Akingbola


Saul Lefkowitz Trademark Law Moot Court Competition


Team: Simone Bray, Kevin Cirronella

Team: Carl Fitz, Ivan Morales, J. T. Reinart


SIU National Health Law Competition


Team: Leah Buenik, Josh Christopher, Jack Frazee


3rd Best Speaker - Josh Christopher


Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot


Team: Emily Banse, Julia Peebles, Hannah Tucker, Shen Wang


Wechsler Constitutional Law Competition


Team: Elbert Ortiz, Kelsey Trom

2nd Best Speaker - Kelsey Trom

Interscholastic Competitions

Texas Young Lawyers Association (TYLA) Moot Court Competition