Blakely Advocacy Institute

Our Supporters

In acknowledgement and gratitude to those who have contributed to the development of our programs and our students.

Underwriters ($25,000+)

Andrews Kurth, L.L.P.
Beirne, Maynard & Parsons, L.L.P.
Ernst & Young
Tommy Fibich / Fibich, Hampton, Leebron & Garth, L.L.P.


Benefactors (10,000+)

Houston Marine Insurance Seminar
James Patrick Smith, P.C.
Jeffry S. Abrams
Ross Rommel / Andrews Kurth L.L.P.


Sponsors ($5,000+)

Abrams, Scott & Bickley, L.L.P.
Navigant Consulting, Inc.
The Talaska Law Frim, P.L.L.C.
Waters & Kraus, L.L.P.


Advocates ($2,500+)

Engelhart & Greenwood, L.L.P.
Fulbright & Jaworski, L.L.P.
The Lanier Law Firm