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Diversity Recruiting

The University of Houston Law Center's Career Development Office (CDO) co-sponsors and/or promotes these diversity focused recruiting programs each year. 

Houston Bar Association (HBA) 1L Minority Opportunities in the Legal Profession (MOILP) Program

  • Description: Each year, the HBA's MOILP Committee sponsors the Houston area's only summer clerkship program designed specifically for Houston area 1L law students. The positions provide mentoring and real work experiences for students who might not otherwise have the opportunity for a clerkship at a law firm, corporate legal department, judge's chambers or legal nonprofit. Participating students also have the opportunity to attend seminars on professional writing, getting the most out of internships, and making the best impression on their employers. Minority 1L students enrolled at one of three area law schools are eligible to apply. The CDO coordinates the application process with our students, and applications are submitted directly to the MOILP committee, which coordinates with each employer in the application review process.
  • When: Employer registration is open December/early January. Student bidding begins in January.  Interviews are held in February/March. Student clerkships are held during the summer.
  • Where: Houston, TX. Interviews and clerkships take place in the office of participating employers.

IMPACT Career Fair

  • Description: This fair invites law firms and government agencies to interview law students and lawyers with disabilities from across the country.  
  • When: Employer registration is TBA.  The Fair is held in early August.
  • Where: Arlington, VA.

Lavender Law Career Fair and Conference

  • Description: Career Fair and Conference with firms, corporations and public sector employers who are committed to the hiring and promotion of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) students and lawyers.  By becoming a sponsor of the LGBT Bar's largest event of the year, your organization will have the opportunity to demonstrate its support of LGBT diversity in the legal profession as well as your commitment to the LGBT community. Sponsors have access to a large and diverse forum to showcase company activities and learn about others' ideas for improving diversity demographics relating to self-identified LGBT attorneys.
  • When: Employer registration is TBA.  The Fair is held in early August.
  • Where: San Francisco, CA.
  • For more information: Visit the Lavender Law Career Fair and Conference website at

Sunbelt Minority Recruitment Program

  • Description: Hosted by numerous "southern" law schools, Sunbelt provides legal employers throughout the United States with an opportunity to interview diverse law students from Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas.  The Sunbelt Minority Recruitment Program seeks to provide job access opportunities to students and recent graduates who may be otherwise at risk of being underserved. Participants include those of racial, ethnic, national origin, gender, disability, age, sexual orientation, and religious diversity.  Employers from across the country interview 2Ls for summer associate positions and 3Ls for permanent attorney positions. 
  • When: Employer registration is open from early April early June.  The Fair is held in late July.
  • Where: Dallas, TX.
  • For more information: Visit the Sunbelt Job Fair website at