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On-Campus Interview Programs (OCI)- Information for Employers

The University of Houston Law Center’s Fall Interview and Resume Collect Program is the largest interview event for second and third year law students with both public and private sector employers participating.

If you are interested in participating in one of our Interview Programs, please log into Symplicity and update your employer profile, then you can "request a new schedule" under the OCI tab. If you haven't yet registered as an employer, complete the Employer registration via Symplicity.

Below are the important dates for 2019 On-Campus Interviews (OCI) Session III

November 1– January 1: Employer Registration

January 4 – January 5: Student Bidding

January 6 – January 9: Employers receive student bids

January 9: Employer Selections Due

January 15: Employers Receive Interview Schedules

January 18: OCI: Session III

Below are the important dates for 2018 On-Campus Interviews (OCI) Session II

August 13 – September 19: Employer Registration

September 20 – September 23: Student Bidding

September 24 – September 28: Employers receive student bids

September 28: Employer Selections Due

October 8: Employers Receive Interview Schedules

October 12: OCI: Session II

*Please note that there is no fee to participate in our on campus interview program*

Please contact Kecia Branch at 713-743-2480 if you would like to schedule an alternate date or to set up a Resume Collection.

Recruiting Evaluation Form

To ensure our continued success, we believe it is critical to recieve your valuable feedback about your recruiting experience at UHLC. Please fill out the online Recruiting Evaluation Form at your earliest convenience.