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Career Development Office
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Phone: 713-743-2090
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Good Standing Policy

To have access to the Career Development Office (CDO) resources and services, students and alumni must remain in good standing with the office.  The purpose of this policy is twofold, to ensure the University of Houston Law Center (1) can provide the highest quality career programming, resources, and advising to our students/alumni and (2) maintain positive relationships with prospective employers.

Examples of events/behaviors that may jeopardize good standing with the CDO:

  • No show to interviews or other commitments: Once a student has accepted an interview either for OCI or a job fair and the employer receives the schedule, cancellations are not permitted. A student who learns of an emergency preventing his or her attendance at an interview must notify the CDO immediately (even if the job fair is coordinated by another organization). The student must bring  a letter of apology, addressed to the interviewer, to Tiffany Tucker at the CDO within 48 hours of the missed interview for review and mailing by the CDO. Once the student has complied with timely delivery of a professional quality letter, he or she will be returned to good standing with the CDO.  Students who commit to participate in CDO sponsored programs such as career coaching or events involving outside speakers must fulfill those commitments to remain in good standing. 
  • Misrepresentation of information to employers, the CDO, the Law Center, or any other party affiliated with the Law Center. In addition to losing access to the CDO resources, students in violation may also be subject to disciplinary action by the Dean of Students and/or by the Dean of the Law Center.
  • Inappropriate communication/behavior with employers, the CDO, the Law Center, or any other party affiliated with the Law Center. If you feel you were in some way mistreated by an employer and are preparing to address that, we expect you to first contact the CDO to discuss.
  • Passwords/Access to Resources and Events:  CDO resources, such as Symplicity, books, and counseling are costly and access/passwords to these resources are private. Students/Alumni may not share their password or otherwise provide access or information gained from our resources with others.
  • Required Responses to Inquiry: The CDO is charged with responding to many national surveys by our accrediting agency and other bodies. Students/Alumni using our resources are agreeing to promptly respond to inquiries by the CDO Staff with regard to job fairs, interviews, and employment information.

The CDO will consider matters impacting good standing on a case by case basis. When access to resources have been removed, a student or alumni may petition to be reinstated to good standing status; however services may be suspended for up to six months from the date of receipt of such petition.