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RSVP Policy

In order to ensure that we have the appropriate amount of food at CDO events, we ask that all students RSVP for the event they would like to attend at least two days prior to the event through Symplicity. Students who have not sent in a RSVP are free to attend the event but will not be guaranteed food.

For mandatory events, such as the Passport to Success Series, students are still required to attend the event or obtain an excused absence to remain in good standing, even if the student does not RSVP for the event.

If a student has a change of plans after they have sent in a RSVP for an event, the student should email the CDO within 24 hours of the event and let us know that you will no longer be able to attend. Students are considered "no shows" when they fail to cancel their RSVP through Symplicity or via email to within 24 hours of the event.

A student that accumulates two “no shows” (failure to attend a CDO event without giving the proper 24-hour cancellation notice) will result in a suspension of the student’s Symplicity access until the student writes a letter of apology to the CDO.