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Passport to Success - Professional Development Series
Sponsored by the University of Houston Law Center's Career Development Office
(in collaboration with Hunton Andrews Kurth LLP)

The Passport to Success - Professional Development Series will consist of 4 mandatory 1L learning sessions each designed to cover facets of new attorney professionalism most sought after by today's legal employers. 

Session I: "The Map to Career Success: Exactly Where Are YOU Heading?"

  • Understanding legal career options, presenting yourself professionally, and networking to get there.

Date/Time/Location: Held in connection with Office of Student Services Orientations for 1L students on Wednesday, August 9, 2017 from 1:20-6pm in Krost Hall and the Law Center Commons for students in the full-time program and on Saturday, August 12, 2017 from 3:10-6:30pm in the Hendricks Heritage Room and the Albertus Room for students in the part-time program.

          a) Workshop #1: What Are Your Legal Career Destination Options?
Many law students express frustration with their lack of understanding of what it means to practice law in various settings - litigation versus transactional, civil versus criminal, private versus government, etc.  In these highly engaging sessions, UHLC and Hunton Andrews Kurth alum, former judge, Reece Rondon will share information about the many directions a legal career can take a new attorney on August 9th for full-time students, and alums of the UHLC part-time program will address this topic on Saturday, September 12th for part-time students. 

          b) Workshop #2: The Fast Track to Success: How Putting Your Best Foot Forward with Professional Presence Will Ensure You Get Off on the Right Path!
It takes six seconds for someone to form a first impression of you, and how you look sends a message to others of how they should treat you. As a budding legal professional, gaining the respect and trust of others is paramount to your success. Natalie Weakly, an expert in professionalism and the fashion that is necessary for a professional appearance, will deliver a dynamic presentation on ways to confidently prepare for and dress for an interview or other professional events.

          c) Workshop #3: Networking – How All Attorneys Navigate Uncharted Career Territory. 
Networking is a critical tool for law students and lawyers at every stage of their careers.  It is no surprise that many students are uncomfortable in and often relay their fears of networking situations. This interactive program is designed to ease students' concerns and provide a safe environment to engage with attorneys who are interested in helping students develop vital networking tools.  

Session II: "Charting the Course: Communicating Where You Are Going"

  • Informational Interviews and Professional Communications: How you master the technique!

Date/Time/Location: Wednesday, October 25, 2017 from 12-12:50pm in Krost Hall

Throughout networking and interview season (and truly your entire legal career!), you have only a few short minutes to convince prospective employers (and later, potential clients) that you are the one they should hire!  Panelists will share best practices for outshining the competition in informational interview settings, strategically following up with those you have been networking and interviewing with, and how to maximize upcoming networking opportunities as the holiday season begins and brings with it ample opportunities to meet those who could offer legal employment for the summer.

Session III: "Course Correcting? Am I on the Right Path?"

  • You Need a Brand, Man/Woman!  Why a personal brand and entrepreneurial mindset are important to the success of law students.

Date/Time/Location: Wednesday, January 31, 2018 from 12-12:50pm in Krost Hall

As interview season arrives and you prepare for summer employment, it's important for you to assess and identify your strengths and use them to create an explanation as to why you are the person to hire - for the jobs you desire!  What words do those in your network use to describe you? The carpe diem mindset of entrepreneurs is now a part of our popular culture. You know the names: Jobs, Zuckerberg, Blakely (Spanx!) – each built a unique personal brand and executed on a specific vision.  A presenter will illustrate how law students can use these same entrepreneurial strategies by acting as "INTRA-preneurs" within their established networks. INTRA-preneurs build a personal brand that helps them stand out, get hired, and work for and with whom they want. 

Session IV: "You've Landed: X Marks the Spot. Making the Most of Your Dream Destination"

  • Tips for a successful summer legal employment experience.

Date/Time/Location: Wednesday, April 4, 2018 from 12-12:50pm in Krost Hall

The success of your summer experiences can greatly impact the trajectory of your career. This session will cover tips for a successful legal employment experience from the perspectives of the employers that students will interact with throughout their internships, including supervising attorneys, professional development, recruiting and administrative staff, and clients. The objectives of this session are for the attendees to learn specific tips and tools to help them outshine their competition during their employment experiences and pave a rich path for any adventures that lay ahead.