Criminal Practice Externship

Students in the Criminal Practice Externship work at the Harris County District Attorney’s Office and handle the prosecution of a variety of misdemeanor level criminal cases, with some opportunities for felony case work.  Typical cases include possession of marijuana, intimidation by telephone, physical assault, indecent exposure, trespass, theft, receiving stolen property, theft by deception, joyriding, disturbing the peace, and misdemeanor child abuse.  An effort is made to provide students with a variety of practice experiences.   The insight and experience is valuable to any individual interested in criminal law, whether on the prosecution or defense side.  Students are supervised by Assistant District Attorneys in the District Attorney’s Office.

The Criminal Practice Externship has a classroom component that meets for two hours a week throughout the semester.  The classroom component provides students with the necessary background to perform successfully in the Criminal Practice Externship.  Special attention is placed on the ethics, process, and logistics of charging and trying criminal cases.  The classroom component is taught by the First Assistant to the Harris County Attorney.

Course # 5497                                      4 credits
Fall, Spring Semesters Only

Prerequisites:  Good academic standing and completion of 45 credits, Evidence, Trial Advocacy (with a grade of at least 3.0 in Advocacy and at least 2.67 in Evidence). 
Strongly Recommended: Professional Responsibility

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