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Judicial Externship Program

In the Judicial Externship Program, J.D. students work directly for federal or state judges, where they gain immeasurable experience in research and writing and courtroom observation. LL.M. students may be eligible for the program on a case‐by-case basis.

Why work with a Court? How do I apply with a Court? How do I receive academic credit? Student Spotlight


Etiquette of applying with a Court

I’ve heard there is a certain etiquette to applying for an internship. Tell me more...
The main thing to know is that you should not turn down an offer from a judge. You may apply to several judges/courts and even accept interviews from several judges. However, you must accept an offer from the first judge who presents you with one. (Keep in mind you can do two externships during the summer.)

Once you have accepted a judicial externship, you then contact the courts to which you applied and withdraw your name from consideration (and cancel other interviews, if necessary). Keep a record of your communication with the courts, even if it is verbal, so there is no question of your adherence to proper etiquette.

When should I apply with a Court?
Students must have their externship secured before applying for academic credit. As a general rule:

For fall externships* - Apply by July 1
For spring externships* - Apply by November 1
For summer externships - Apply by February 1

Different courts have different deadlines. Please check a judge or court’s website for specific information or else call directly for additional information.

(*Note: If a student does not seek/receive an externship in the summer, he/she should consider doing one in the fall and/or spring semesters. Many judges and other placements take externs year-round, and fall and spring positions are less competitive than they are in the summer.)

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