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Judicial Externship Program

In the Judicial Externship Program, J.D. students work directly for federal or state judges, where they gain immeasurable experience in research and writing and courtroom observation. LL.M. students may be eligible for the program on a case‐by-case basis.

Why work with a Court? How do I a pply with a Court? How do I receive academic credit? Student Spotlight

Student Perspective

Judicial Extern Student Spotlight

I interned for my state civil court judge on Thursdays and Fridays.  One of my most memorable experiences was the day I observed a divorce trial in family court.  The plaintiff was an attorney who was representing himself.  The judge became frustrated with the plaintiff for not collecting evidence in accordance with the Texas Rules.  Watching a trial like this -- that involved a lot of drama -- was very interesting.  During a break, I was able to chat with the staff and the judge to discuss the case further.

One piece of advice I would give to a student interested in doing a judicial externship would be to get to know the court staff.  I liked all of them and will most certainly keep in touch with many. 
Overall, I have truly enjoyed my judicial externship with Judge Bennett.  He is a very confident, highly respected, friendly judge, and has always been very clear when giving me my assignments.  

- Lena Gayoun Park, Extern, Judicial Internship at 61st District Court, Spring 2014