The University of Houston Law Center Faculty

John  Lunstroth


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BA 1977, University of St. Thomas;
JD 1976 & LLM Health Law & Policy 2004, University of Houston Law Center;
MPH 2007, Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University.

Member, Board of Directors, International Intelligence Ethics Association; International Advisory Board, Research Institute for European and American Studies.

Professor Lunstroth's scholarly interests are linked by the idea of Right. More abstractly he is interested in the relationship between history and law; between positivist science and law; and in sources of law. In the health sector besides being interested in the regulation of human experimentation, he is interested in how the various "ethics" (medical, neuroscientific, research, public health, genetic, etc.) come into existence, how they are maintained, and how they are linked; especially, how are they influenced or structured by scientism. His primary tools for critique are Aristotelianism and history. He integrates human rights into all his work, and is concerned to give his students tools for understanding one of the most profound political problems facing the global community. In a world dominated by neoliberal values, i.e., consumerism & globalization, and characterized by shrinking resources and increased populations, how can we structure political associations such that people are "poor" and yet have the capacity and opportunity to flourish and be happy? He is also interested in the history of medicine and public health, the history of law in the west, and in the history of international law.