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The University of Houston begins awarding in May for the fall and spring semesters to accepted students with a complete financial aid file. Summer financial aid is processed separately.


Dean's Scholarship:  The Office of Admissions offers a number of Dean's Scholarships to each entering class.  These merit scholarships vary in number and amount and are renewable for the following two years for full-time students (or the following three years for part-time students), provided they remain in good standing with the Law Center. Each accepted applicant is automatically considered for a Dean's Scholarship and no separate application is required.  If you are an out of state resident and receive a Dean's Scholarship, you will receive an in-state tuition waiver.

Outside Scholarships: Applicants are encouraged to search for outside scholarships such as individual organizations, sororities or fraternities, social clubs, religious or business organizations, employers of a parent, spouse or friend, foundations, town or city clubs, community organizations and civic groups such as the American Legion, YMCA, 4H Club, Elks, Kiwanis, Jaycees or girl & boy scouts. Any organization connected with your field of interest.

**Scholarship criteria is subject to change.

TASFA/Senate Bill 1528 (Formerly House Bill 1403)


Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan : All law students that qualify are considered for this program. Effective July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2020, the interest on a direct Stafford loan will be 6.079% that begins accruing once the funds disburse. The origination fee is 1.062%. This loan has a six-month grace period after graduation or dropping below half time enrollment (6 hours) before repayment begins.  Interest on an Unsubsidized loan is the responsibility of the student.  It may be capitalized or paid periodically. All Direct loans come in two disbursements during a loan period, half in fall and the other half in spring.

Grad Plus Loan: This is also a federal loan program. Available to all financial aid eligible law students with a COA that exceeds the student's award. Grad Plus loans are credit based and a credit-worthy cosigner may be required in some instance. Effective July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2020 the interest rate on a Grad PLUS Loan is 7.079%. The origination fee is 4.248%. The borrower can not have an adverse credit history. No payments are required while in school, repayment begins 6 month after graduation or dropping below half time enrollment (6 hours), deferment and forbearance options are available during periods of financial difficulty or the period while studying for the bar and there are flexible repayment options.

Alternative/Private Loan:  Available to students with a COA that exceeds the student's award. Private loans are credit based and a credit-worthy cosigner may be required.  Private loans may have different fees at disbursement and at repayment.  Each lender will offer a slightly different program and usually several repayment options, so consider your options carefully.

College Access Loan (CAL): This private loan program provides an alternative type of educational loan to Texas students. Student does not have to demonstrate financial need to receive these loans. Effective May 1, 2019, the interest rate will go down to 5.20% . An eligible CAL borrower pays no origination fee and must have a minimum Experian VantageScore of 650 to receive credit approval. Students may borrow no less than $100, and up to the cost of attendance minus any other financial aid. An origination fee may be charged based on credit standing. The amount of any federal loan that a student is eligible to receive (regardless of whether the student actually accepts these unsubsidized loans) reduces the amount of any CAL loan that the student otherwise would be eligible to receive.

Franklin Lindsay Student Aid Fund: Private loan: Must be a US citizen, with full time enrollment, have a 3.0 gpa and must have cosigner.

Ernest Mantzel Foundation: Interest free private loan for graduate students. You must be a U.S. citizen, Texas resident and enrolled full time at a Texas university.  Applications are accepted until the fund is exhausted for the year and the loan is a maximum of $4,000 per year. For an application call 409.770.7165.

Bar Loans: Credit based private loans available to law students who are in their final year of study and need resources to finance expenses associated with studying for the Bar examination. Processing fees may be deducted at disbursement and a supplemental guarantee fee may be charged at repayment. Disbursement(s) is (are) made payable to the graduate at their requested mailing address. If the lender requires certification of the anticipated graduation date, be sure to notify Laura Neal.

**Loan amounts, interest rates, processing fees and grace periods are all subject to change.  You should review the terms and conditions of each promissory note.


Hazlewood Exemption - Military Exemptions for Texas Veterans

  • The Hazlewood Act Tuition Exemption is available for Texas Veterans and eligible dependents. The Hazlewood waiver covers tuition and most all fees. 

Post 9/11 Veterans Educational Assistance Act of 2008

Department of Veterans Affairs


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