Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Will my financial aid cover the cost of books, tuition and fees, plus living expenses?
A:  You will be awarded the amount of financial aid you qualify for based on need and availability of funds. If your award does not cover the 9 month cost of education, a grad plus may be required, which is credit based (up to the COE).  Relying on financial aid without any personal resources will make your financial situation very difficult.

Q:  What if I miss the April 1st priority date that financial aid has been emphasizing?
A:  Missing the priority date of April 1st means you will not have first consideration for grants or Perkins loans.  It also means you may not have your financial aid processed by the time tuition and fees are due.  (see question above for details)

Q:  What if my financial aid is not in when my tuition and fees are due?
A: If your financial aid has been processed, the aid will show up as “pending financial aid” and should be reflected on your fee bill as such.  If you have not yet been awarded or you have not completed the financial aid process, you will need to make payment by check, credit card or take out the 90 day deferment emergency tuition loan through PeopleSoft under Student Financial to cover tuition and fees until your financial aid is processed.

Q: How does the university refund the remainder of any financial aid after the tuition/fee bill is paid?
A: Refunds due to financial aid disbursements are sent to BankMobile who will send the refund to you by direct deposit to the bank of your choice.

Q: What is BankMobile?
A: BankMobile codes will be mailed &/or emailed to accepted students to the address in PeopleSoft beginning mid August. Once you receive the code there will be instructions on how to set up your refund selection of direct deposit to a 3rd party bank.

Q:  If I only qualify for a loan, why does it take so long to get the money?
A:  The government has many regulations with which the financial aid office must comply.  To ensure we are in compliance with each regulation, the process of approving a loan is broken down into stages performed by different departments.  The money you borrow is government guaranteed and must go thorough the process which the University has established.

Q:  Is there financial aid for foreign students?
A:  To receive financial aid benefits you must be an eligible non-citizen or U.S. citizen.  Some private loans may permit borrowing with a credit worthy U. S. citizen as a cosigner.

Q:  Do I need to apply for financial aid once or do I reapply each year?
A:  When you apply for financial aid, you are applying for funds during that academic year only (fall, spring, summer).  If you wish to receive financial aid each year, you must file a renewal FAFSA each year after October 1 using your prior-prior income tax year information.

Q:  Will my financial aid transfer with me to another school?
A: NO - Regulations will not allow aid to transfer from one institution to another. You will have to start the process over with the school you intend on transferring to. Each school will determine your eligibility.

Q: What is the difference between subsidized and unsubsidized Direct Loans?

A: Subsidized loans are based on financial need. This loan was discontinued to graduate and professional students beginning July 1, 2012 due to the Budget Control Act signed in August 2011.

A: Unsubsidized loans are a non-need based form of aid. The interest rate on this type of loan is set by the federal government. The borrower is responsible for all interest accrued on the loan. Interest payment can be made while in school or deferred until graduation or when the student drops below half time (6 hours). At the end of the 6 month grace period, the interest will capitalize and be added to the principal of the loan. Effective July 1, 2012 the federal Stafford loan will be Unsubsidized in the amount of $20,500 per academic year, but not to exceed COE, whichever is less, for professional students. 


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