The Closing of the A.A. White Society

The A.A. White Society"After much consideration, The A.A. White Society was closed to new members on September 1, 2009. The UH Law Center will always be grateful to Dean White and the legacy he helped create. Likewise, the Law Center is ever-grateful to all of the members of the A.A. White Society. The reasons for closing the Society to new members were three-fold:

One, the efforts to build higher levels of membership within the society’s original structure proved too unwieldy;

Two, the current reality of the cost of a legal education coupled with inflation, demonstrated the need to depart from the former giving scheme; and

Three, as our alumni became more successful, and the need to push the Law Center from a strong regional school to one of national prominence intensified, more substantial gifts were needed to achieve our goals."

We honor the alumni below who fulfilled their commitment as Lifetime Members of the A.A. White Society:

The A.A. White Society honors Founding Dean A.A. White for his vision in establishing the University of Houston Law Center. Lifetime Members of The A.A. White Society are honored for contributing $10,000 or more to support the continued excellence of the University of Houston Law Center.

A.A. White Society Lifetime Members

K. Susie Adams ’83  Oscar L. Garza ’88  Charles R. Parker ’74 
Sofia Adrogué ’91  Pete L. Gonzalez ’94  Harry A. Perrin ’80 
John C. Allen  Ellen E. Grimes ’79  Lawrence J. Pirtle ’66 
Richard C. Alsup ’68  Roy E. Gurley ’68  Eugene J. Pitman ’50 
Gilbert J. Alvarado ’85  Russell W. Hall ’93  D. Bruce Pope ’71 
John R. Arens ’80  Larry A. Harman ’71  Jack M. Rains ’67 
Russell Austin ’70 (d.) Richard Haynes ’56  Nancy B. Rapoport 
Linda S. Auwers ’84  Randal A. Hendricks ’70  James P. Ray ’82 
Howard T. Ayers ’69  Lee E. Herman ’85  Skip Reid ’82 
Mary E. Bacon ’72  Lester L. Hewitt ’68  Don R. Riddle ’66 
F. Kenneth Bailey, Jr. ’72  J. Fred Hofheinz ’64  Chelita C. Riley ’96 
Charles A. Baker ’61  Elizabeth Howard ’79  Fred E. Rizk ’57 
D. Jansing Baker ’73  C. M. Hudspeth  James M. Roach ’82 
Michael A. Baker ’71  Lee Hunnell ’84  Janice L. Robertson ’76 
Suzanne B. Baker ’73  Paul M. Janicke  W. Ronald Robins ’69 
Sybil P. Balasco ’56  Bartlett Johnston ’72  Elizabeth D. Rockwell 
Douglas Baldwin ’66  Elizabeth M. Johnston  Regina J. Rogers ’70 
J. Fritz Barnett ’77  Lawrence Kalinec ’68  A. Ross Rommel ’73 
Frank M. Bean ’61  Michael P. Kessler ’74  David L. Ronn ’90 
Melanie D. Bean ’94  Gregory C. King ’85  Leonard B. Rosenberg ’53 
Robert I. Beck ’56  Leigh Ann King ’85  Susan V. Sample ’96 
David H. Berg ’67  Thomas M. Kirkendall ’79  Robert M. Schick ’81 
Vicki A. Birenbaum ’82  Angela Knauss  Bruce I. Schimmel ’78 
Stanley L. Blend ’67  Robert L. Knauss  Benjamin H. Schleider ’50 
Samuel J. Blustein ’80  Stephen P. Koch ’92  W. Harold Sellers ’59 
David J. Bolen ’85  John E. Kolb ’55  Peter L. Shaw ’88 
John H. Boswell ’63  Marcy E. Kurtz ’81  John B. Shely ’77 
Margaret A. Boulware ’75  Patricia J. Lasher ’86  Rosemary T. Shepard ’77 
Walter Boyaki ’72  Mark D. Lee ’84  William Y. Sim ’69 
Frank R. Bradley ’92  Jane H. Lerner ’79  William B. Sing ’71 
Gay C. Brinson ’57  Paul K. Lester ’80  James P. Smith ’67 
Vera S. Riley Brown  Henry J. Lewis ’57 (d.)  Michael F. Smith ’74 
Charles F. Browning ’68  Frank A. Liddell ’58  R. Shearn Smith ’51 
Melinda Brunger ’90  Clay Lilienstern ’68  J. Michael Solar ’80 
Richard Caldwell  Sydney B. Lilly  Ruby K. Sondock ’62 
Rodney K. Caldwell ’69  Laddie Livingston ’56  J. Jeffers Spencer ’73 
J. Scott Chase ’71  Nancy J. Locke ’87  Jerry L. Starkey ’88 
Ronald L. Clendenen ’75  Ann L. MacNaughton ’76  Jeron L. Stevens ’68 (d.) 
Cathleen Cochran ’84  Michele A. Malloy ’77  Bradley F. Stuebing ’77 
Eugene A. Cook ’66  Dennis D. Masar ’67  Fred Sullins ’58 
Brent W. Coon ’87  Charles W. Matthews ’70  Adele O. Tarkington ’60 
Ralph J. Coselli ’72  Guy E. Matthews  Marvin O. Teague ’61 (d.)
Clay E. Crawford ’75  William L. Maynard ’74  Brad Tucker ’80 
Karen P. Davis ’88  John H. McCall ’72  The Estate of Gloria L. Sharney 
Carol E. Dinkins ’71  LaVirle McCary  David R. Toomim ’79 (d.) 
Katherine L. Dodds ’80  Daniel E. McCormick ’79  Jack T. Trotter ’52 (d.) 
Joanne J. Doherty ’85  Bill O. McDonald ’79  Mary Trueheart ’75 (d.) 
Larry J. Doherty ’70  James McKibben ’69  Carolyn Truesdell ’75 
Peter G. Dorflinger ’75  David L. Monroe ’87  Greg Trulove ’94 
Paul J. Dostart ’77  John J. Moores ’75  Brad Tucker ’79 
John Jay Douglass  Rebecca A. Moores ’75  M. S. Underwood ’77 
Paula T. Douglass ’88  Claudia Morgan ’75  John T. Unger ’77 
Helen G. Elliott ’53  Merle Morris ’92  Nicholas Vincent ’78 
Clarence E. Eriksen ’75  Mark R. Mueller ’81  William V. Walker ’71 
Mary Ann Faust ’74  Ewell E. Murphy  Stephen Wallace ’83 
Kathleen E. Fenwick ’77  John A. Murray ’50  Robert A. Webb ’69 
Tommy Fibich ’74  Marvin D. Nathan ’66  Philip D. Weller ’75 
Gary E. Fish ’03  Carl L. Norton ’76  Kenneth P. Wise ’94 
Ray T. Fortenbach ’83  Michael E. Nugent ’72  Nikki Wise ’95 
Robert L. Frank ’74  John M. O'Quinn ’67 (d.)  Willie D. Wood ’84 
Donn C. Fullenweider ’58  J. H. O'Toole ’60 (d.)  Stephen T. Zamora 
Frank T. Garcia ’75  Michael A. Olivas  Alvin L. Zimmerman ’67 
Daniel D. Gartner ’85  Gary W. Orloff ’73   

The UH Law Center still needs the support of our alumni and encourage you to join the Dean’s Society. To learn more about the Dean’s Society, please click here.