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No one goes to the Law Center for its aesthetics. When I was a student, the school was so dumpy I didn’t even want to be at the physical campus. I received a great legal education, but I wish I could have been more integrated into the campus and with my fellow classmates. As an alumna and Law Foundation Board member, I know that our facilities have always been an issue. An improved physical plant will make a profound difference in recruiting students and faculty and will also add that intangible missing ingredient: the important sense of community that so many of us missed. I fully support this new initiative. —Patrice Ferguson ’89Inside these Walls

Prospective students who visit the University of Houston Law Center are understandably underwhelmed when they see the 40-year-old physical facilities of the campus. Built in an era when bare concrete walls were hailed as “innovative design,” the buildings that house our classrooms, offices and clinics leave much to be desired. A disconnect clearly exists between our heritage of academic excellence and the reality of our physical facilities many of which were significantly compromised by the substantial flooding that accompanied Tropical Storm Allison.

INSIDE THESE WALLS summarizes the Law Center’s commitment to bring our physical environment up to the high standards of our academic excellence. We are a top-tier law school, and we must provide our students and faculty with the upgraded facilities they deserve. Our long-term plan to renovate and expand the Law Center requires significant support from the private sector. The schedule included on the reverse side outlines opportunities for our alumni and friends to join this effort and permanently associate their names with this important initiative to ensure the future of the Law Center.

NAMED SPACES are a key part of our renovation effort. Specific areas of our campus are reserved for donors who support our mission, and all of them will be recognized INSIDE THESE WALLS with permanent plaques and signage. Each day, the support of these forward-thinking donors will be remembered amid properly designed environments that fully accommodate the needs of faculty, students and visitors.

Teaching Unit II $1,000,000
Dean’s Suite $300,000
The Commons $200,000
The (Eating Area) $100,000
Classrooms $200,000
Seminar Rooms $100,000
Faculty Suites $100,000
Career Development Suite $100,000
External Affairs Suite $100,000
Legal Research & Writing Suite $100,000
Student Affairs Suite $100,000
Patios $100,000

For more information on how you can invest INSIDE THESE WALLS at the University of Houston Law Center, please contact:

University of Houston Law Center Office of Law Alumni Relations
4604 Calhoun Road
Houston, Texas 77204-6060
713.743.2107 ph
713.743.2211 fax