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PatStats Online Patent Litigation Statistics

PATSTATS.ORG tracks case outcomes for 40 commonly arising issues in modern U.S. patent litigation. Offered as a free public service for courts, scholars, and practitioners of patent law, this resource provides research information on decisions rendered each quarter, from 2000 to 2013.

Decisions include the reported cases of the District Courts, the Court of Federal Claims, and the International Trade Commission. Reported and unreported Federal Circuit decisions also are incorporated.

PATSTATS.ORG issues include Validity Decisions, Enforceability Decisions, Procedural Defenses, Infringement Issues, Damages Calculations, and Special Factors.

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Spirit Over the Waters

WATERCASES.ORG is a website containing Professor Janicke's two legal archival libraries and a history article related to each. One library concerns the interstate disputes over diversion of Lake Michigan's water for use in wastewater removal by Illinois. The second library is about the patent infringement cases of the 1920s and 1930s brought by a British patent owner against the cities of Milwaukee and Chicago. The patents covered the basic aspects of the activated sludge method of wastewater treatment, now the dominant method used worldwide. The patent applications were filed in the period 1914-1916.

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Applying Advanced Computational Techniques to the Study and Understanding of Law

The Program on Law and Computation studies the ways in which advanced computation can further the understanding of law.  Its focus includes empirical methods, statistics, finance, actuarial finance, game theory, decision theory, network theory, computational linguistics, data mining, theories of computation, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the economic analysis of law.

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