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2018 PAUL OHM, Professor of Law, Georgetown University Law Center
Forthright Code

2018 PAUL OHM, Georgetown University Law Center
Forthright Code

Commentator: Sharon A. Israel

2017 CHRISTOPHER JON SPRIGMAN, Professor of Law, New York University School of Law
Copyright and Creative Incentives: What We Know (And Don't)

2017 CHRISTOPHER JON SPRIGMAN, New York University School of Law
Copyright and Creative Incentives: What We Know (And Don't)

Commentator: Bob McAughan


2016 MARK LEMLEY, Stanford Law School
Rethinking Assignor Estoppel

Commentator: Ed Fein


2015 JEANNE FROMER, New York University School of Law
Should the Law Care Why Intellectual Property Rights Have Been Asserted?

Commentator: Richard Phillips

Julie Cohen

2014 JULIE E. COHEN, Georgetown University Law Center
Post-Industrial Property

Commentator: Bart Showalter

David McGowan

2013 DAVID MCGOWAN, University of San Diego School of Law
The Unfallen Sky: Assessing the Relative Effectiveness of Legal and Market Adaptations to Technological Change

Commentator: Jacqueline Lipton

R. Anthony Reese

2012 R. ANTHONY REESE, University of California - Irvine School of Law
What Does Copyright Law Owe the Future?

Commentator: Paul R. Morico

Paul Goldstein

2011 PAUL GOLDSTEIN, Stanford Law School
Copyright on a Clean Slate

Commentator: Phillip Page

Douglas Lichtman

2010 DOUGLAS LICHTMAN, University of California – Los Angeles School of Law
Pricing Patents: The RAND Commitment

Commentator: Gordon White

William O. Hennessey

2009 WILLIAM O. HENNESSEY, Franklin Pierce Law Center
Thirty Years (and More) of IP in China: A Personal Reflection

Commentator: Margaret (Meg) Boulware

Robert Merges

2008 ROBERT MERGES, University of California School of Law – Boalt Hall
The Concept of Property in the Digital Age

Commentator: Henry N. Garrana

Joel Reidenberg

2007 JOEL REIDENBERG, Fordham University School of Law
The Rule of Intellectual Property Law in the Internet Economy

Commentator: Jeff C. Dodd

Arthur Gajarsa

2006 THE HONORABLE ARTHUR J. GAJARSA, United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit
Patents in a Changing Economy

Commentator: Scott F. Partridge

Scott Kieff

2005 F. SCOTT KIEFF, Washington University in St. Louis-School of Law
Theory & Practice in Commercializing Innovation


Commentator: John D. Norris

Jane Ginsburg

2004 JANE C. GINSBURG, Columbia University School of Law
The Right to Claim Authorship after Dastar

Commentator: Paul E. Krieger