The IEL Hartick Scholar Writing Competition (posted 11/26/2014)
The Institute for Energy Law of The Center for American and International Law announces its 2014 Hartrick Scholar writing competition.

Spring 2015: Real Estate Transactions, Practical Drafting (posted 11/24/2014)
We have added another course in Real Estate Transactions, Practical Drafting to Spring 2015.....

New Spring Course - Criminal Justice Research on Right to Counsel and Pretrial Justice (posted 11/21/2014)
This course will explore issues of the Sixth Amendment right to counsel, as well as pretrial release procedures. Students will be expected to spend a total of 20 hours observing court proceedings ...

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2015 July Texas Bar Exam Filing Deadline (posted 11/03/2014)
The 2015 July Texas Bar Exam timely filing deadline is November 30, 2014 - January 30, 2015. Click for more details .... Late filing deadline is March 30, 2015.

2014 Fall Exam Numbers (posted 08/27/2014)
2014 Fall Exam Numbers are available online. To access your exam number you will need to go to; click on the "What is my exam number? " to login.

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CDO Digest, Events & Blog (posted 08/22/2014)

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