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Faculty Services

Following is a list of services provided to the UH Law Center full time Faculty. For the list of librarians assigned to the Law Faculty please click here. For library staff contact information please click here. Due to our limited resources we regret that we are not able to extend the same services to the rest of UH faculty.

Service type


Acquisitions of book and other resources

Your library liaison, Katy Badeaux

Albertus Accolades

Robert Clark, Chris Dykes

Article Submission

Katy Badeaux, Emily Lawson

Circulation check-out and check-in

Shay Everline

Cite-checking, quote-checking, and Bluebooking

Your library liaison, Katy Badeaux

Class presentation on research resources and library services

Your library liaison

Course reserve for your classes

Shay Everline

Current awareness on specific subjects

Your library liaison

Database access (non-Westlaw and Lexis)

Your library liaison

Discussion lists, additions and removals

Chris Dykes

Exam Time Support, including take-home exam setup

Shay Everline and your suite secretary

Frankel Room Collection

Emily Lawson

Gift books for the Library

Your library liaison, Emily Lawson

Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

Your library liaison, Robert Clark

Library liaison assignment

Katy Badeaux

Library tour with subject specialty

Your library liaison

Loose-leaf (personal copy) updating

Your library liaison

Lost and Found

Shay Everline

Plagiarism checking (using Turnitin)

Katy Badeaux, Emily Lawson

Reference and research services

Your library liaison

Reserve and course reserve items

Shay Everline, Your library liaison

Routing journals

Your library liaison

SSRN journals sign up

Self service by clicking here

SSRN posting

Katy Badeaux, Emily Lawson

VPN setup for database accesses

Your library liaison, reference librarian on duty (3-2327)

Westlaw and Lexis passwords

Katy Badeaux, Emily Lawson

All other library services

Your library liaison


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