Legal Information Technology


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Information Technology

  • Accounts

Each individual is assigned an account which will allow you to access the Law Center network resources, such as email, VPN, software, and Law Center machines.

Cougarnet Accounts
Cougarnet accounts give access to, and file space on, University computing resources.
Account Names
Find out how your alias is created and how to change if needed.
Password Reset
Passwords at UH expire every 90 days. If you are on campus, the easiest and quickest way to change your Cougarnet password is by logging in to a Law Center machine (students may use machines located in the library). Press CTRL + ALT + DEL keys and choose the option for "Change Password."
Strong Passwords
Strong passwords are recommended for all of your UH accounts. Look at the UH Password Standard.
Account Lockouts
Cougarnet accounts are locked out after attempting to login more than 3 times unsuccessfully. Accounts automatically unlock after 30 minutes. Here are some ways to troubleshoot, if you continue to be locked out.
Sponsored Accounts
Sponsored accounts are temporary accounts given to a person not affiliated with UH for the purpose of accessing UH computing resources. It is also given to Student Organizations to maintain an alias for their online presence.