A UHLC Alumnus Michael Leach Shares His Experience as a Foreign Service Officer with Law Students


Michael LeachSeptember 19, 2013 - University of Houston Law Center alumnus Michael Leach returned to his alma mater on September 2013 to share his experiences as a Justice Sector Programs Officer in Mexico City and encouraged students to seek out the diverse career opportunities available to them after earning their J.D..

During his presentation to law students, Mr. Leach explained how the United States is helping the Mexican government implement major reforms in their criminal justice system. He also encouraged to students to serve their country by joining the U.S. State Department diplomatic corps.

After graduating from UHLC in 2008, Leach worked as an associate for a Dallas patent litigation boutique where he represented Halliburton in litigation surrounding the Deepwater Horizon disaster. His career entered a new phase when he was invited in 2012 to join the U.S. State Department as an entry level diplomat.

Leach, who participated in a Law Center pilot program of comparative law classes in Spanish while a J.D. student, now assists Mexican authorities with state and federal justice programs as well as on security issues, regularly reporting to Washington, D.C., and to the U.S. Ambassador to Mexico. After his one-year assignment in Mexico is over, Mr. Leach will head to Washington, D.C., to train for a four-year tour in China.

“It is exciting to meet someone who used to be a student like us just a few years ago and is now pursuing his dreams wherever they may take him” said Juan Carlos de las Cuevas, President of the International Law Society (ILS). ILS and the Center for U.S. and Mexican Law co-sponsored the event which brought back the former member of ILS. 
Michael Leach’s presentation reminded students of the importance of hard work, commitment, and seizing every opportunity for professional advancement that the school offers.