Activities of the Center for U.S. and Mexican Law


In carrying out projects, the Center works in partnership with other organizations, to combine the Center’s expertise on Mexican law and U.S. – Mexican relations with the resources of partner organizations. The Center’s goal is to provide sophisticated, balanced analyses that take into account differences between the legal cultures of Mexico and of the United States. 

Activities of the Center fall generally into five categories:

  • Independent research

The Center for U.S. and Mexican Law funds independent research projects, using its own resources as well as funding from external agencies.  The projects can be undertaken either by the Center, working with teams of experts; as well as projects undertaken jointly with partnering institutions.

  • Sponsored research projects. 

The Center contracts with funding agencies, governmental as well as non-governmental, to carry out specific studies or research projects.

  • Symposia.

The Center organizes periodic symposia and seminars dealing with important issues in the development of Mexican law and of U.S. – Mexican relations. The Center periodically commissions studies to promote the exchange of ideas at symposia and international conferences.

  • Visiting Professorships and Residencies at the University of Houston.

The Center attracts visiting scholars from the United States, Mexico and other countries, to fulfill its role as a center for the exchange of ideas related to Mexican law and U.S. – Mexican relations.

  • Projects to enhance professional cooperation.

The Center undertakes bi-national projects, in cooperation with partner institutions, to enhance cooperation among U.S. and Mexican lawyers, judges, academics and other professionals.


Center Annual Reports

2014 Annual Report

2013 Annual Report