A Note from Dean Ray Nimmer:

This is a new feature of the UH LawCenter.  To keep you up to date on noteworthy news from our school and its faculty, I will be sending along items of interest as they occur.  I am a proponent of using email as a communications vehicle, and I pledge that we will use good discretion to avoid burdening your in-box.  Each of my notes will include a “reply” button, and I encourage you to send along any thoughts or comments to my attention.

Here are two news items that continue to document the excellence of our school.

Two of our students – Erica Thonsgard and Heather Harriss – have won the 2006 Scribes Award from the American Society of Writers on Legal Subjects.  It’s yet another success for our Blakley Advocacy Institute under the direction of Professor Peter Hoffman.  This Scribes Award follows major UH Law Center wins in national an international moot and mock competitions, and it appears that Peter is well on his way to achieving his stated goal: making our advocacy program one of the best among U.S. law schools.  Congratulations to Heather and Erica for their outstanding achievement, and to our writing program led by Tobi Tabor and Merle Morris. 

The second item involves a $100,000 sponsorship that we have received from the Frankel Family Foundation to continue the Frankel Lecture Series, one of the key programs sponsored by the Houston Law Review.  The Frankel Family Foundation has been a large and loyal supporter of our school, and this new five-year commitment ensures that we can continue the outstanding traditions established by the Frankel Lecture Series.  Just as an army travels on its stomach (according to Napoleon), a law school travels on the dollars provided by its supporters.  Thanks to the Frankel Family Foundation for improving our travels over the next five years.

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