A Note from UH Law Center Dean Ray Nimmer  Vol. 1, No. 7

I believe that higher education would be better served if everyone devoted less attention to rankings and more to the pursuit of quality.  I have made excellence one of the themes of my administration at the Law Center, and I am gratified when “objective results” rather than subjective rankings speak for the quality found at every level of our school.

Case in point: the recently released pass rates for first-time takers of the Texas Bar Exam.  Of the 239 Law Center graduates who took the exam this summer, 216 earned their license to practice law, giving our school a pass rate of greater than 90 percent.   Here are the data: 

  Took Passed  Pass Rate
BAYLOR   94 92 97.87%
UH LAW CENTER 239 216 90.38%
S.M.U.  222 200  90.09%
UT 353 318 90.08%
T.W.U. 141 124 87.94%
TEXAS TECH 174 152  87.36%
ST. MARY'S 203 171  84.24%
SOUTH TEXAS  280 230  82.14%
T.S.U.  122  69  56.56%

Statistics are sometimes shaped by people who either acquire or disseminate them, and I decline to play that game.  I share these numbers only to emphasize two points.  First, the Law Center is a great school with excellent teachers and terrific students.  And second, because we’re so good, we should aim for a pass rate of 100% on the Texas Bar Exam.  That’s how I see my role: to constantly raise the bar in our pursuit of excellence. 

Sincere congratulations to all of these Law Center alums and new lawyers of Texas. 


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