A Note from UH Law Center Dean Ray Nimmer  Vol. 1, No. 8

I have great respect for anyone who invests the time and energy to earn a law degree.  I have even greater respect for someone who decides to begin earning such a degree at age 57.

David R. Toomim did exactly that.  After retiring from a highly successful career in public accounting, David entered the University of Houston Law Center and received his J.D. in 1979.  He subsequently clerked at the 14th Court of Civil Appeals, and was counsel to Schlanger, Silver, Barg & Paine, LLP.  All who knew him mourned the passing of a good man when David died on May 31, 2006.

How do you properly remember a Renaissance man like David Toomim?  Last week, UH President Jay Gogue and I joined several of our distinguished alumni to honor the Toomim family at a ceremony in the Frankel Room.  Before a group that included faculty and family friends, Shirley Toomim presented the Law Center with a gift of nearly one quarter of a million dollars in memory of her husband. 

The gift establishes the David Toomim Memorial Research Excellence Award in Commercial Law Studies and the David Toomim Student Scholarship — both of which ensure that an honored alumnus of the Law Center will be long remembered.

At our gathering in the Frankel Room, Shirley recounted how a financial gift during the Great Depression had allowed David to continue his studies and embark on a lifelong pursuit of learning.  I know that the scholarship in the name of David Toomim will help open similar doors at the Law Center for many years to come, and that the David Toomim Memorial Research Excellence Award will serve as a significant cornerstone of our newly developing program on commercial law studies. 


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