A Note from UH Law Center Dean Ray Nimmer  Vol. 2, No. 1

The annual gathering of the Association of American Law Schools – better known as AALS – is always a red-letter date for law professors and law school administrators. The conference is a well-attended forum where valuable relationships can be forged and furthered, and where important information can be acquired to benefit a school and its students. 

The AALS conference in Washington, D.C. earlier this month included a strong contingent from the UH Law Center, and our people took leadership roles as they chaired sections, made presentations and participated in panels. Thanks to their commitment of time and energy, our school is seen – accurately – as a center of learning populated with high achievers.

Here’s a sampling of our Who’s Who.  Seth Chandler chaired the Insurance Law Section and presided over its section meeting. Victor Flatt chaired the Teaching Methods Section and moderated its panel discussion, and also presided at the luncheon of the Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Section, which elected him to its board. Ellen Marrus is spearheading an effort to create a new section on Children and the Law, and has been voted its chair. Tom Oldham serves on the executive committee of the Family and Juvenile Law Section, helping to plan programs and other section activities. Michael Olivas serves on the AALS executive committee, and addressed the Education Law Section on academic freedom. Nancy Rapoport moderated a roundtable discussion on alternative ranking systems, served on a panel discussion among former deans, and spoke on legal ethics CLE at a Professional Responsibility Section.  Robert Schuwerk spoke on a Student Services Section panel on the nature, causes, and possible remediation of law student distress.  And Greg Vetter will chair the 2007 Law and Computers Section.

Our involvement in AALS also extends to our senior professional staff. Sondra Tennessee served on a panel in the Part-Time Division Programs Section and will be on the executive committee of next year’s Student Services Section, and Jamie Hammers will serve on the executive committee of the Pre-Law Education Section.

Part of being a great law school involves giving something back to the profession.  It’s clear that our people hold to that high standard.


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