Dean's Note
A note for UH Law Center Dean Raymond Nimmer

The Law Center’s reputation for excellence extends far beyond the United States.  The latest proof takes shape in the 38 foreign students who arrived on our campus this month to pursue LL.M. degrees in our Foreign Scholars program.  This is the largest incoming class of Foreign Scholars in the history of the Law Center, and I believe it speaks to the increasingly prominent role that our school is playing on the international stage.

Each of our Foreign Scholars holds a law degree from a school outside of the United States, and each is placing his or her successful legal career “on hold” to obtain a master’s degree from the Law Center.  Our intensive one-year program will provide these foreign-trained lawyers with a solid understanding of how U.S. laws integrate into the global legal framework, and this knowledge will serve them well when they resume practicing law in their country of origin or elsewhere.

Our remarkable group of students includes a patent agent from Thailand, a lawyer with the Power Holding Company of Nigeria, an intellectual property agent from Taiwan, and a former cultural advisor to the U.S. Army in Afghanistan.  One was in-house counsel for Hewlett-Packard in Argentina, and another works with a Brazilian law firm specializing in international maritime law.  All told, they hail from 22 different countries and speak 19 different languages.  Several are U.S. citizens, and a handful plan to sit for the New York Bar exam after earning their master’s degree.

Our newest class of Foreign Scholars will soon join the growing community of Law Center graduates working in the United States and countries throughout the world.  The practice of law is a global enterprise, and every lawyer from Texas to Thailand will increasingly be affected by the growing internationalization of law. 

Our Law Center is acutely aware of these trends – and we remain determined to properly prepare our students for this new world order in law.

Vol 2. No. 11
Photo: 2007 Fulbright Distinguished Chair in International Commercial Law at the Universidade Católica Portuguesa in  Lisbon, Portugal.  Photo used by permission.

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