Dean's Note
A note for UH Law Center Dean Raymond Nimmer

Great schools are defined by the caliber of student they attract.  Two weeks into our new semester,  our initial impressions have been confirmed: this is one of the strongest incoming classes in the history of the Law Center.

The median LSAT score for our Class of 2010 is 161 – our highest on record – with a median undergraduate GPA of 3.59.  Minorities account for nearly a quarter (23.4%) of these high-achievers, and our incoming class includes more African-American and Mexican-American students than its predecessor.  In short, it’s a great class brimming with people who are destined to do big things in law.

In an era where law schools fiercely compete for top students, the Law Center attracted graduates of more than 100 colleges, including Harvard, Yale and MIT.  More than 40 of our students arrived with graduate degrees.  Ten hold Phi Beta Kappa keys, and at least three completed tours of duty in Iraq.  (Click here if you want to learn more about the backgrounds and personality of this class.)

Law schools have always competed for top students, and it says something about our school that so many of them selected the Law Center.  Our Class of 2010 could afford to be selective when shopping for a law school, and they elected to come here.  Their decision reinforces a simple fact: we’re a great law school that offers an excellent education at a competitive price. 

On behalf of the faculty, staff and alumni of the Law Center, welcome to all of you.

Vol 2. No. 12
Photo: 2007 Fulbright Distinguished Chair in International Commercial Law at the Universidade Católica Portuguesa in  Lisbon, Portugal.  Photo used by permission.

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