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A note for UH Law Center Dean Raymond Nimmer

At our annual A.A. White Society dinner for leading Law Center contributors, I cited Malcolm Gladwell’s book “The Tipping Point.”  The title refers to the moment when something unusual becomes commonplace.  I believe that’s exactly where we stand at the Law Center: at a “tipping point” of national prominence.  For supporting evidence, I can cite these recent activities and achievements:

  • The results of the July 2007 Texas Bar Exam have just been released, with 91.83% of our alumni passing – our best performance since 2001.
  • Our Houston Business & Tax Law Journal hosted an important symposium on tax patents, with key sponsors joining our nationally ranked IPIL Institute in hosting the event.
  • The Law Center opened November with two significant symposia: the 12th Annual Frankel Lecture addressing Katrina-related immigration issues; and a 40-year retrospective on the landmark In Re Gault decision hosted by our Center for Children, Law & Policy.
  • Our newly formed chapter of the American Constitutional Society wasted no time in earning first-ever national recognition among the 155 ACS chapters at U.S. law schools. 

The summary judgment here is a single word: excellence.  It’s an ideal that is increasingly realized on our campus, and I encourage you to join us at upcoming events where we apprise alumni and friends of new “tipping points” of excellence.

Vol 2. No. 14

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