Dean's Note
A note for UH Law Center Dean Raymond Nimmer

To judge the quality and caliber of everything from widgets to young lawyers, the marketplace remains the best barometer of performance.  Our Career Development Office just finished compiling data about our most recent graduating class – and it’s clear that the marketplace places a high value on a J.D. degree from the Law Center.

The numbers are the best in our history.  Nine months after graduation, 314 of the 323 members of our Class of 2007 were employed – an employment rate of 97.2 percent.  The data for “employment at graduation” were equally strong, with 78.6 of our graduates holding a job when they received their Law Center diploma.  (FYI, unlike other schools that derive their employment data from small samples, our numbers are based on 100% of our graduating class.)

We have made Career Development one of our highest priorities – and Assistant Dean Rhonda Beassie ’99 has responded to the challenge.  Our graduates are not only employed in record numbers, but they are also receiving a good wage for their efforts.  Our graduating class reported an average starting salary of $90,933 -- again, the best in our history.

The marketplace looks at many factors when deciding which law schools produce the best and brightest young lawyers, and we are continuously adding to the lengthy résumé of achievement at the Law Center.  Earlier this month, National Jurist cited our own Houston Law Review as No. 53 among more than 1,100 law journals published worldwide.    

If you make a better widget, the world will soon take notice.  The bottom line for our Law Center is that we continue to feed on excellence, and that’s good news for our students and our alumni.

Vol 3. No. 3

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