Dean's Note - A note from the University of Houston Law Center Dean Raymond Nimmer

Raymond NimmerWe have received a new piece of evidence that our Law Center is moving in the proper direction. In the most recent rankings compiled by U.S. News & World Report magazine, our Law Center moved up another five notches to No. 55. Over the last two years, we have climbed a total of 15 places in these closely watched national rankings.

U.S. News also recognized us for having two “Top 10” specialty programs: Health Law (ranked No. 2) and Intellectual Property (at No. 7). Only 23 of the nearly 200 U.S. law schools offer multiple top-ranked specialty programs, and we are one of eight public institutions on that short list.

National rankings can be confirmatory or controversial. From my point of view, it’s enough to note that we are ranked relatively high and climbing upward. In a note announcing the rankings to faculty and staff of the Law Center, I included this observation: “I think we should not be satisfied until we are well within the top 40 in fact and in reputation. It is a goal that is achievable and sensible in the short term, so I expect to go for that and more.” Given the caliber of our people and the strength of our product, how could anyone believe otherwise?

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Vol 3. No. 4

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