Dean's Note - A note from the University of Houston Law Center Dean Raymond Nimmer

Raymond NimmerAs many of you know, in 2006 I agreed to serve as interim dean of the Law Center while a nationwide search for a permanent dean was conducted. That search has now been completed – and today I have accepted the position of Law Center Dean offered to me by Dr. Donald Foss, the provost of the University of Houston, subject to the approval of the UH Board of Regents.

In many ways, it remains business as usual at our school. Two years ago, this is what I told my team when I stepped in as interim dean:

Here’s what you can expect from me. I am pragmatic, oriented to understanding and explicating the role of law and lawyers in society, and I am committed to leading a team that will distinguish our Law Center as being among the best in academia and a major factor in the practical practice of law. I believe in action and achievement. I applaud people who target goals—and invest the necessary work to achieve them. And I am determined to give our highly skilled faculty, administrators and students the support they need to maneuver and achieve.

That’s been my approach over the past two years as we energized the Law Center and continued the “pursuit of excellence” in everything we do. Our momentum is reflected in our 15-point improvement in national rankings, two “Top 10” specialty programs, and record-high LSAT scores for our newest class.

I took the job of interim dean for a simple reason: because I believed the Law Center was on the cusp of great achievement, and I wanted to help my school reach that goal. Today, I am accepting the position of permanent dean for the same reason, and I am 100% committed to pushing us higher into the top echelon of Tier 1 law schools.

It is an honor following the seven men and women who previously served as permanent dean and contributed to the greatness of our school. With help from the entire Law Center community, there is no limit to what we can accomplish.

(FYI, I’ve attached the news release that is being distributed today, and it includes a link to my CV.)

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