A note from UH Law Center Dean Ray Nimmer

A large number of very smart people are beating a path to the Law Center, and we are better place for it. Here are a handful of examples.

This year’s incoming class equaled the record LSAT standard (161) that we attained last year. Our 255 students hail from 84 undergraduate schools, and 25 of them already hold graduate degrees. Once again, our campus is among the most diverse in the nation, with minorities accounting for a record 32 percent of our student body.

Smarts also permeate our 67 entering LL.M. students, who include 44 foreign-educated lawyers who represent 29 countries and speak 21 languages. The foreign class includes five Fulbright Scholars and one Muskie Fellowship winner.

Each year, our Law Center hosts a number of visiting scholars. Four of our newest include Alexander (Sasha) Volock of Georgetown University; Linda Fentiman of Pace University; Gordon Walker of Latrobe University in Melbourne, Australia; Qu Dongmei of Shandong Normal University; and Jasper (Jack) Cummings, Jr., who has taught at a number of schools and holds a J.D. from Yale and an LL.M. from NYU. Each of these scholars brings new perspectives to the teaching and research we conduct at the Law Center, and we are proud to serve as their hosts.

FYI, I’ve just returned from a great outing to the Valley region of Texas, where I had the pleasure of meeting a number of our successful and supportive alumni. I mention them because our best collection of smarts is found in every region of the country and every area of the law. We call them “Law Center alumni” – and I am determined to meet more of them as we schedule additional meetings in the months ahead.

Vol 3. No. 11

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