A note from UH Law Center Dean Ray Nimmer
Vol. 4 No. 12
Dean Ray Nimmer
Emerson noted that mapping a course of action and following it to an end requires courage. In the middle of this economy, it also requires access to capital and the endorsement of top administrators at your parent university.

As the year comes to a close, we are pushing ahead with one of the most significant faculty recruitment efforts in the history of the Law Center. During my three years as dean, we have already added seven new names to our ranks, and we could add as many as six new professors of law in the coming months.

At a time when other law schools are holding to the status quo, our Law Center is forging a bold path for the future. Thanks to the support of President Renu Khator at the University of Houston, we have earmarked the necessary dollars to ensure that we can pursue the very top names in legal education today. We are striving to fill the large shoes of professors who served the Law Center with distinction for many decades, and the hiring decisions we make today will influence our national standing for a generation or more.

Our faculty hiring committee is seeking two types of candidates: established professors who are already recognized as academic leaders in their specialties, and younger professors we believe are at the cusp of extraordinary achievement. We have the wherewithal and determination to pursue only the best of the best – and I have every confidence that we will be extremely successful.

Other changes of note are in the offing for our campus. The University of Houston has launched a feasibility study of a much-anticipated new building for the Law Center that would be added near the newly opened Calhoun Lofts dormitory for graduate students – the centerpiece of more than $300 million in new construction by the UH System. This new housing option has been a boon to our LL.M. program, which continues to attract a record number of high-achieving lawyers from throughout the United States and dozens of foreign countries. At the same time, we remain highly selective in our J.D. program and we plan to admit slightly smaller incoming classes in the years ahead. Each of the past four years has seen our admitted students set new records for LSAT scores, and I fully expect this trend of superior academic achievement to continue.

The past few years clearly represent an unparalleled period of achievement for our Law Center. That foundation has helped us map an ambitious course for the future – and it sets the stage for greater successes for our school, our students and our alumni.


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