A note from UH Law Center Dean Ray Nimmer

There’s always energy in the air when the Fall Semester begins and our halls fill with superior lawyers in the making. This year, our newest incoming class has 205 students in three full-time sections and 51 others attending classes in the part-time program.

Why are they here? At least part of the answer can be found in our continued standing as one of the best values in legal education. Once again, The National Jurist has recognized the Law Center as a school that “carries a low price tag and is able to prepare its students incredibly well for today’s competitive job market.” Only 65 schools were cited for providing value, with our Law Center ranked No. 36 on the list.

Here’s a snapshot of our incoming class. The median LSAT for our full-time students stands at a record 162 and includes the much higher scores of three recipients of our new Prestige Scholarships. This is the highest median LSAT in the history of the school and represents another step upward. Overall, we have five Phi Beta Kappas, two Peace Corps veterans, and a number of service veterans – including several commissioned officers. And we remain among the most ethnically diverse campuses, with minorities accounting for 30% of the new class.

The University of Texas and Texas A&M University are our largest “feeder” schools and, along with the University of Houston, account for more than half of our entering class. A total of 88 undergraduate schools are represented, but graduate schools are also on this list, since the Class of 2012 also musters nine M.B.A.’s, four Ph.D.’s, and one M.D.

All told, it’s a dynamic class that promises to further the Law Center’s tradition of excellence. Please join me in wishing each of our new students much success in their studies and, eventually, in the practice of law.

Vol. 4 No. 8

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