A note from UH Law Center Dean Ray Nimmer

My specialty in intellectual property and information law gives me a front-row seat to the many ways that technology is changing our lives. Amid the pace of change, it’s comforting to note that people still gravitate toward the best sources of good information.

I can point you to one of these sources: the newly designed website directed by The People’s Lawyer - a/k/a Richard Alderman, the Associate Dean of the Law Center. During September alone, 43,000 individuals visited the site for answers on everything from what to do after an auto accident to how to file in Small Claims Court. The site is geared to general audiences, but it also apprises lawyers on consumer law and upcoming conferences, such as the free CLE program on Consumer Law Basics on Oct. 23.

Electronic media are an invaluable means of linking the Law Center with various audiences. (That should come as no surprise, given that you read my Dean’s Notes via email.) From my IP/IL blog to our revamped Law Center website offering content for everyone from prospective students to our alumni, we have made a significant commitment to electronic media. When our Law Alumni and Law Foundation boards finish their ongoing beta tests of our on-line Alumni Network, we will launch that platform – complete with its “email for life” privileges – to our 11,000+ alumni.

We will keep you apprised of these changes at Law Center. Or if you prefer to follow these developments in real time, you can always read our “tweets” on Twitter. It’s clearly a new and different world today.

Vol. 4 No. 9

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