A note from UH Law Center Dean Ray Nimmer
Vol. 5 No. 3

Dean Ray Nimmer
It gives me great pleasure to announce a new strategic partnership between the University of Houston Law Center and one of the nation’s most acclaimed providers of continuing legal education: the Practising Law Institute.

We are the first among only a handful of top law schools in the country to partner with PLI to offer alumni all the advantages of a PLI “Privileged Membership” at a fraction of the usual cost.

The total cost for a one-year UH Law Alumni Privileged Membership with PLI is only $1,500, the approximate cost of a single PLI seminar. UH Law Alumni Privileged Members can attend an unlimited number of these seminars in person and online without any additional charge.

As you may know, the Law Center recently closed its internal continuing legal education department in favor of hosting a few select, specialized CLE programs. PLI is clearly an unquestioned leader in the “new” CLE environment with a large number of providers offering seminars and online content. In sum, our association with PLI provides Law Center alumni with advantages that we could not hope to supply on our own.

FYI, our partnership with PLI is a revenue sharing arrangement that benefits the Law Center. It’s the best of all worlds, with our alumni not only gaining unlimited access to outstanding CLE and training resources, but also investing in something that benefits their alma mater.

I encourage you to read the PLI course catalogue for more details about the wide range of seminars and online resources available through PLI. You can then secure your UH Law Alumni Privileged Membership in PLI by clicking to www.pli.edu/UHLaw.

The UH Law Alumni Privileged Membership with PLI represents another important step in the Law Center’s ongoing commitment to benefit the 11,000+ alumni of our school. As noted by Warren Harris ’88, president of the UH Law Alumni Association, “It’s a great time to be a part of the Law Center community.” We are indeed a community and this program expands the scope of our joint involvement in ways that will benefit us all.


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