A note from UH Law Center Dean Ray Nimmer
Vol. 5 No. 4

Dean Ray Nimmer
Schools are measured on the strength of their faculty, students and alumni.

The National Law Journal has ranked us 37th nationally and among the top fifty “go to” law schools. The ranking was based on the percentage of graduates who obtained associate positions with the nation’s best law firms. This is not a ranking that can be manipulated and one that shows how far we have come nationally. More than 150 law schools fall below our level. One of our alums has described this as among “the most important measures of success for a school.”

We also were ranked 34th among U.S. law schools for the number of graduates on the “Best Lawyers in America” lists as published by the Super Lawyers publication. This occurred even though for many years we have been a small school relative to our peers. Graduates of the Law Center have made their mark and continue to do so.

“Rankings” and their methodologies are a subject of debate– but they are one of the indices watched by the practicing bar and by employers who are demanding much more from the new lawyers they hire. And it’s clear that a Law Center degree commands attention in the marketplace regardless of the economic climate.

We have just compiled data for employment nine months after graduation for our Class of 2009. This metric of achievement shows that over 95% of our newest graduates had successfully obtained employment within nine months of graduation – compared to 96% for the Class of 2008. This is an impressive result in light of the economic down-turn that has hit all of us. I believe this performance speaks not only to the caliber of our students, but also to the dedicated work of our Career Development professionals.

(FYI, as I reported last year, we were able to provide a large number of short-term public interest fellowships to help our students bridge the gap between graduation and permanent employment. These fellowships were much appreciated by the students who received them, but they are not counted in the employment statistics cited here.)

As we continue to move aggressively to bring the Law Center to a position of national prominence and identify new employment opportunities for our graduates, I encourage alumni and friends of the Law Center to contact our Career Development office if you are in the market for one or more of our graduates. I can say with certainty that you will find them bright, well-trained, and proud to be alumni of a fine law school.


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