A note from UH Law Center Dean Ray Nimmer
Vol. 5 No. 7
Dean Ray Nimmer
How do you measure the strength of a faculty? The University of St. Thomas School of Law recently developed an objective means of answering this very subjective question. Researchers at the school tracked law journal citations over the past five years – and their survey recognizes our Law Center faculty as No. 51 in the nation in terms of “scholarly impact.”

The survey also identified the 10 most-cited tenured professors at each law school. At the Law Center, our top authors included: David Crump, David Dow, Lonny Hoffman, Craig Joyce, Geraldine Szott Moohr, Dean Raymond T. Nimmer, Michael Olivas, Jordan Paust, Joseph Sanders and Ronald Turner. This list is significant not only for the scholarship that it represents, but also for the way it speaks to the diversity of our faculty. Our 10 most-cited tenured professors include a woman (Alumnae Law Center Professor Gerry Moohr), a Hispanic (Michael Olivas, who holds the William B. Bates Distinguished Chair in Law and is the current president of the AALS); and an African-American (Alumnae Law Center Professor Ron Turner). FYI, we are consistently recognized as one of the most diverse law schools in the nation, with minorities accounting for 32 percent of our newest class of full-time and part-time J.D. candidates.

Law schools are subject to a number of ranking systems and a range of methodologies, but it’s difficult to argue with the empirical results of law journal citations. Regardless of where our school may rank in a specific survey, I can state with confidence that the Law Center is home to one of the most gifted faculties in the nation. And I completely agree with the authors of this latest survey, who credited the tenured faculty at leading schools for their “strong collective commitment to legal scholarship.” That’s exactly what we have at the Law Center, and it’s nice to be recognized for it.


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