A Note for Dean Ray Nimmer

Raymond T. Nimmer 2012 is getting off to a great start at the University of Houston Law Center with good news for both alumni and students.

Through a joint venture with Thomson Reuters West LegalEdcenter, the law school and the UH Law Foundation are offering a New Year’s gift to all of our alumni – free, unlimited access to the nation’s largest web based CLE and professional development service. This is an extremely valuable resource for all practicing attorneys, offering on-line access to more than 6,000 CLE programs from leading providers throughout the country, including ALI-ABA and many other leading providers. Most of these courses fulfill Texas CLE requirements and many have a Texas flavor to them. I won’t estimate the value involved since it will depend on how much you use the courses. Take a brief moment to visit the site and check out what is available.

We are the first law school in the country to offer this opportunity to our alumni. This program underscores the Law Center’s continuing commitment to the ongoing success of our graduates. Graduating from the Law Center places you into a community with us. I urge you to take full advantage of this opportunity for CLE credits and professional development. To get started go to http://www.law.uh.edu/alumni/ and click on the UHLC West LegalEdcenter tab.

Now for students: We are kicking off the spring semester with a pep rally January 18 at 5pm in the Law Center Commons to celebrate the “Blakely Advocacy Trifecta” – a first for the Law Center in which three different types of advocacy teams, moot court, arbitration, and negotiation, are all heading to national championships in the same year. This success shows the quality of our programs, and the skills and dedication of our students and coaches. It's also a strong indicator of where the Law Center stands in terms of having built an exceptional and broad-based advocacy center.

The training provides invaluable legal and life skills to all of those who take advantage of it and, unlike some other schools, our programs have always sought to be broadly available to the entire student body. To say that I am proud of this program would be a serious understatement. The skills and communication involved in the various courses we provide are at the very heart of what we do as lawyers regardless of what type of law we practice. Advocacy training, broadly understood, teaches our future lawyers to express themselves clearly, powerfully and persuasively, to think on their feet, ask the right questions, and provide the right answers. These skills are highly valued. I congratulate the team members, coaches, and Jim Lawrence, director of the Blakely Advocacy Institute, and wish them the best of luck in the championship competitions.


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