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A Note for Dean Ray Nimmer

Raymond T. Nimmer
On the long flight back from a recent trip to China, I found myself thinking about how much the Law Center has expanded its role on the world stage. Our professors have long lectured, taught, and participated in seminars around the globe and the school’s LL.M. program attracts attorneys from every corner. We also have developed special relationships with universities in Australia, Portugal, Korea and, soon to be formalized, Shanghai.  We have active exchange programs for both professors and students, and our Visiting Foreign Scholars program, which began modestly and informally in 2008, now has many more applicants than we can accommodate. Two recent international initiatives a bit closer to home take our outreach both north and south.

The Law Center this month announced the establishment of the Center for U.S. and Mexican Law, which is the first independent research center in the United States dedicated to the study of Mexican law and U.S. – Mexico relations. Houston’s position as a gateway between the two countries serves as the natural setting for a long overdue institution dedicated to better understanding of each other’s laws and legal institutions. Under the direction of Professor Stephen Zamora, the center plans to sponsor research projects conducted by legal scholars, industry experts and government officials.

Earlier this year, we reached an agreement with the University of Calgary law school to offer an international, dual degree, energy law program. Beginning this fall, students will split four years between the Law Center and the Canadian school, enabling students to earn J.D.s, take the bar and practice in both countries. The International Energy Lawyers Program is a natural given that each city is the energy capital of its nation and because of the ever-increasing importance of energy security in North America.

These two programs will augment our continuing partnership with the North American Consortium on Legal Education, which promotes professional cooperation and legal education with universities in both Mexico and Canada.

The Law Center has a worldwide reputation for excellence which can only grow with the success of programs like these and others.  Take a look at what else the school is doing in a new video posted on the Law Center’s website.  As with any great law school in today’s world, the Law Center has an increasingly broad global footprint and there is more to come ……………….


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